Helping our future generations to be stronger, more confident versions of themselves through graPPLING

Saracens Grappling Club classes in wrestling and bjj
About Us​

Why we setup Saracens Grappling Club?

We’re a group of grapplers with experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Judo. We setup Saracens Grappling Club to help benefit young people in our community. After being approached a number of times by parents to help their children become better disciplined, more confident and develop the ability to defend themselves in the real world, we decided to setup Saracens Grappling Club.

To accomplish this vision, we have a team of experienced coaches that have dedicated over 10 years learning and teaching wrestling, grappling, judo and brazilian jiu jitsu. It’s now time to impart this knowledge, skill and wisdom to your children.

When, Where and for Who?

We’re at Mapperley Sports Village in NG3. Boys aged 8-14 years old
classes are
Saturday: 10am -11am.